Tea Time


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March came in like a lion with rain, wind, and in some locations… SNOW. It makes me want to cuddle under a cozy blanket, catch up on some reading, and drink a cup of tea.

My all time favorite tea is Bengal Spice which tastes like Christmas in a cup!  However, I enjoy it year round.  Bengal Spice is naturally sweet and richly warm with my favorite spices.


Celestial Seasonings

I also enjoy Mandarin Orange Spice tea.  This textured tea is a delicious combination of citrus and spice.  This tea is delicious both cold or warm.


Celestial Seasonings

When I long for spring, I turn to Country Peach Passion. Although this is delicious warm, I enjoy Country Peach Passion as an iced tea too.  However, to build the flavor when serving cold, I add a few slices of frozen sliced peaches to a pitcher of tea.  That simple fusion of fresh fruit makes this a heavenly, light tea with all the brightness of sunny days… much needed in our current blustery March weather.


Celestial Seasonings

I hope you give these flavors a try… Enjoy!


Let it Go in the Ice Castles

Returning from a long vacation, I thought this magical music video was a great place to start. Enjoy the talented Alex Boyé, Lexi Walker and the Ft. One Voice Children’s Choir.

Dear Santa



Dear Santa,

This year brought many blessings into my life and many fond memories. All I want this year is to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with my family and friends. I’d like to bless the life of someone else who may be in need. Finally, I’d like a few extra days this week to catch up so that I might balance my time with my energy in order to share the best of myself with others.

Wishing you a very, merry Christmas!


Art is Everywhere–Snow & Ice

Traveling in snow and ice can be hazardous, but not for the eye.  Snow and ice are truly beautiful–especially in the hands of artists.


photograph via weburbanist


photograph by R. Todd King via pinterest


photograph by Ana White


photograph by Jean Lacasse via Flickr


photograph by Susan Stevenson


photograph by R. Todd King

Don’t you feel like playing outside this weekend?  Enjoy! …and if you feel so inclined, create!

Holiday Work Party Attire

Everyone at work is all a buzz about our upcoming holiday work party. I’m very lucky to work for a company that values their employees.  Each year, they put together a spectacular event.

What do you wear to a company holiday party?  While my style is rather classic and conservative, I think the holidays are a time to play with color and texture–think shimmer, soft flowing fabrics, lace, or velvet.

holiday outfit 1

photograph via thestylespy

I love this look, but I would definitely wear a chemise, slip, or cap sleeve tee underneath the top.

Nordstrom_black velvet dress

nordstroms, $148

This classic style is pure luxury in black velvet.

Green Dress

photograph via pinterest

Soft, romantic and very comfortable, this forest green maxi would be beautiful with few accessories. Drop earrings may be all that is needed.

Ralph Lauren Dress

Ralph Lauren via Macys, $174

This black dress topped with gold lace is richly elegant. With a statement dress such as this, accessories and hair should be kept simple.

Dillards dress

dillards, $35

This raw-edge detail dress may be on the casual side, but the color and cut are lovely.


kohls, $45

This foil sheath dress shimmers for a night of dancing.


It snowed today. Not a dusting, but actual snowfall. It made me think of a remarkable man known as “Snowflake Bentley.”



Snowflake Bentley tells the true story of Wilson Bentley (1865-1931) who grew up in Vermont. He loved snowflakes and was determined to capture them on film.

Imagephotograph by Wilson Bentley via snowflakeblentley

A self educated farmer, Bentley’s vision and determination led to being the first person to ever capture a snow crystal (snowflake) on film in 1885. During his lifetime, he captured 500 photomicrograph snowflakes.


photograph by Wilson Bentley via snowflakebentley

“Under the microscope, I found that snowflakes were miracles of beauty; and it seemed a shame that this beauty should not be seen and appreciated by others. Every crystal was a masterpiece of design and no one design was ever repeated., When a snowflake melted, that design was forever lost. Just that much beauty was gone, without leaving any record behind.” — Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley 1925


photograph by Wilson Bentley via snowflakebentley


photograph by Wilson Bentley via snowflakebentley

To learn more about this scientist/artist, visit the Jericho Historical Society in Vermont or view the Snowflake Bentley Online Exhibit.

In honor of this remarkable artist, I have added a snowflake pattern from usefuldiy.


photograph via usefuldiy

Keep in mind, this is just to get you started. Remember, no two snowflakes are alike. Try making your own design.

Sounds of the Season

Each year, I look forward to adding new Christmas music to my collection.  Here are the seven songs I added this year.

1. Jim Brickman’s FaLaLa sung by Genevieve Bellamare was first on my list.

Followed by…

2. Michael Bublé’s Cold December Night

3. Mary J Blige, Barbra Streisand & Chris Botti’s When You Wish Upon a Star

4. Christina Perri’s Something About December

5. Matt Wertz’s Snow Globe

6. Mindy Gledhill’s Winter Moon

7. Tyrone Wells’ Christmas at Home

I hope you enjoyed these sounds of the season!

What are you listening to this December?