Take A Walk In Art

Have you ever visited a place that takes your breath away, creates a sense of child-like wonder, and invites you to walk with art?


photograph via jerseybites

If not, visit Seward Johnson’s Grounds for Sculpture.

During a summer work opportunity in Princeton, I experienced this amazing sculpture garden in Hamilton, New Jersey for the first time.  It was truly magical to explore this setting where art and landscape combine to create a unique and accessible experience.

Sculpture Garden_fall-photos-504

Seward Johnson via two2dive


Gustave Caillebotte, A Paris Street, 1877

The artist and child within delighted to walk into living canvases of art.  I explored secret gardens, water installations, and sat in the gazebo as the sun set overlooking Seward Johnson’s sculpture inspired by Renoir’s Two Sisters (On the Terrace).

Groundsforsculpture_Two Sistersphotograph via toadhaven

Two Sisters-renoir

I find it so moving to watch people interact with these sculptures. That is one thing that these pieces do — they invite an intimacy with the paintings that the paintings themselves don’t allow simply due to the limitation of scale, depth and access.” —Seward Johnson

???????????????????????????????Seward Johnson via bestourism

Edouard-Manet-Paintings-Argenteuil-1874Edouard Manet’s Argenteuil, 1874

 J Seward Johnson’s homage to other artists provided a pure aesthetic experience for me as every sense was engaged by walking into the picture frame.  Immersing something familiar in a living natural installation was truly memorable and one of my favorite art experiences.


Recently, I discovered another sculpture garden created by South American Artist, Bruno Torfs.  I have yet to visit his sculpture garden in the small Victorian village of Marysville (about 95 kilometres from Melbourne, Australia), but I look forward to one day walking down these paths.

Bruno Torfs' GardenDrawing on his culture and experiences, Bruno created his own enchanted garden.

bruno_torfs_1photographs via brunosart

Bruno Torf_2

Bruno Torfs_3

Bruno Torfs_4

Take a walk in Bruno Torf’s fantastical world:

Bruno Torfs_5This garden was tragically damaged due to bushfires in 2009.  Fortunately, the artist and his family were spared.

Bruno said:

The bushfires deeply touched us all in many ways. It allowed me to see that people had a heart for each other, that when things really got dark, the best in us comes out. We have lost a lot, but life also provides us opportunities to gain a new vision, lots of new friends and a blank canvas to play. In the meantime, nature is already regenerating itself. The green is slowly returning and the rivers are flowing, finding new ways.

Take a walk in art today… or better yet, create your own work.


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