Carousel of Memory

Image Moon in Water, photograph via glassartists

I have been a fan of glass artists ever since I first saw glass blowing at a state fair.  The process fascinated me as fire and molten sand met the artist to create something truly beautiful.

Pioneering Shanghi artist, Lu Chi, creates stunning contemporary glass works using a lost wax glass process and other familiar methods.

Image Tunnel of Time and Space #2, photograph via littleton gallery

For the most part, I work with kiln-formed glass, creating sculpture by the processes of casting, fusing and slumping.  Sometimes, my pieces are combined with glassblowing and lampworking techniques.  With all my experience, I still try to keep it fresh by ‘playing’ with the glass, my curiosity as a means to get to my curiosity as a means to get to an unpredictable end.

Image Tango in Paris, photograph via v&a

In 2003, I discovered a new method for forming glass that I call ‘multi-layered kiln forming’, which I have not seen employed anywhere else.  It brings a new sculptural process to my work.  In traditional slumping, you can only get a single layer at one time, which is determined by the mold beneath it; as a result of this, controlled curves cannot be made. 

Image Carousel of Memory, photograph via littletongallery

The ‘multi-layered kiln forming’ makes more complex shapes possible.  When several glass layers are slumped simultaneously, using stable and movable stands, complex controlled return curves can be created.  Therefore slumping can be used to make not only simple vessel forms, but also complex multi-layered sculpture.

Image Water Fairy, photograph via glassartists

In summarizing my work, I would say that I am moving between ground and sky, past and present, imagination and reality. 

Image Emergence, photograph via glassartists

My work, much like my diary, concentrates on individual perceptions, memories, wishes and dreams.  

I am drawn like a moth to a flame with my glass art, and I cannot resist its mesmerizing attraction… My work keeps me curious and filled with vitality, always waiting to see what’s around that next corner, essentially the life of an artist.

Image  Fire Bird Stave, photograph via glassartists

To learn more about this inspiring artist, visit:

Image Lu Chi, photograph via shanghai-today


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