A Home for Books


Fall 2013 Domino, photo by Brittany Ambridge

A few days ago, a friend shared that a clutter expert came to her sister’s house to offer suggestions for a good clear out.  She mentioned they started with her sister’s books.  This automatically made me uncomfortable.  While I enjoy downsizing and getting organized too, I have a hard time letting go of books.  I like the feel and smell of a book.  I like to curl up in a soft chair and float away on the written word.  There are books in nearly every room in the house, but that’s okay with me–at least for now.  As long as each book has a home, I’m happy to hold on to them a little longer.

While I’m happy with my wall of Expedit shelves and other smaller book shelves scattered around my house, these other examples are beautiful.


Elle Decor via beautiful-libraries


kbhome.com via pinterest


Traditional Home via 3.bp

Do you have a favorite corner or chair where you go to read?



Do you have a home for your books or do you prefer digital copies?