Big Talent, Little Sisters

Canadian sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella are YouTube and television stars with big talent.


photograph by Amanda Wagner

If you haven’t heard these talented girls sing, here is a sampling for you to enjoy.  First up, Call Your Girlfriend.

Next, Bright Side.

Finally, here’s a little thank you from Lennon and Maisy.

I hope that put a smile on your face.  I know it did mine.  Happy Wednesday!


Puppy Love


Meet “the girls”!  These two cousins joined our family and stole our hearts.


Our eldest dog is a cuddle bug.  She is a little lady and quite the ballerina.


Like a little child, she had a difficult time when a new addition to the family arrived.  Fortunately, that quickly changed.  They are now best friends and depend on each other like siblings.

ImageOur youngest dog is playful and athletic.  She has a sweet disposition and is a bit flirtatious when she wants to snuggle.

Image“The girls” prefer to spend time with our family. They enjoy being in the same room or following us wherever we go. This dependency makes it difficult on them when we leave them home alone.


DogTv and Busy Buddy Puppy Squirrel Dude toys have helped tremendously with their separation anxiety.



I was a bit skeptical when I first discovered this channel designed specifically for dogs.  Within a day, seeing a real difference in “the girls,” I became a huge fan.

Image photograph via thealphadogblog

After years of research, special content was designed to meet specific attributes of dog’s vision, hearing, and behavioral patterns. The programming was designed by highly acclaimed experts including veterinary pet behaviorist Professor Nicholas Dodman, celebrated dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, and animal rights activist/pet trainer Warren Eckstein. These renowned specialists created programing with short 3-6 minute segments that range from relaxation, stimulation, and exposure.

All I can say is “IT WORKS!” I purchased my subscription through Roku for $9.99. For our toy breed, it is worth the price!  They are calm, quiet, and happy girls even when we leave the house.

To learn more about this amazing behavioral tool and subscription options, visit:

My veterinary clinic introduced me to a treat dispensing toy called the Busy Buddy Puppy Squirrel Dude. Long crazy name, but a great product!


My “girls” love their squirrel buddies.


I fill the cavity with their regular Iams ProActive Health kibble and add a dollup of Pedigree Little Champion Soft Dog Food at the opening.


The specialized rubber prongs hold the food inside and randomly dispenses it as the dog plays and works for each kibble.  This toy entertains the dogs while we are out of the house.  They appear almost happy when we leave knowing they will get to play with their squirrel buddies.


We also keep Hill’s Prescription Diet T/D Dental Health Dog Food on hand. Although T/Ds can be served as a basic diet, we use it as a treat.


We love our dogs.  This time of year, as I prepare for the holidays and changing weather, I remember our whole family.  “The girls” get their own stockings filled with special treats and they also get a gift.  This year, I’m considering this darling Martha Stewart dress.  Yes, I know.  I’m one of those people.



We live in an area where winter months get bitter cold and there is snow tall enough to bury our dogs.  Dressing toy breeds protects them from the elements… besides, isn’t this dress adorable?! (You could never pull this look off with a German Shepherd, Irish Setter, or Labrador.  It would look silly.  Right?)

Yes, we have puppy love! Do you have beloved pets that are a part of your family too?