Sounds of the Season

Each year, I look forward to adding new Christmas music to my collection.  Here are the seven songs I added this year.

1. Jim Brickman’s FaLaLa sung by Genevieve Bellamare was first on my list.

Followed by…

2. Michael Bublé’s Cold December Night

3. Mary J Blige, Barbra Streisand & Chris Botti’s When You Wish Upon a Star

4. Christina Perri’s Something About December

5. Matt Wertz’s Snow Globe

6. Mindy Gledhill’s Winter Moon

7. Tyrone Wells’ Christmas at Home

I hope you enjoyed these sounds of the season!

What are you listening to this December?


Big Talent, Little Sisters

Canadian sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella are YouTube and television stars with big talent.


photograph by Amanda Wagner

If you haven’t heard these talented girls sing, here is a sampling for you to enjoy.  First up, Call Your Girlfriend.

Next, Bright Side.

Finally, here’s a little thank you from Lennon and Maisy.

I hope that put a smile on your face.  I know it did mine.  Happy Wednesday!

Welcoming Senses

I was so excited when I heard unexpected guests were arriving this weekend. It’s always a treat to have family or friends drop by for a visit.



I want my home to be inviting and welcoming to all who visit.  There are a few simple items that can appeal to the senses and help guests feel special.

Image photograph by Crystal Ochoa

My first stop today is to drop by my favorite bakery to pick up a selection of pastries. They are delicious to the eye as well as the taste.

Image photograph by Crystal Ochoa

There is also something inviting about opening a door and being greeted by a pleasant fragrance, so my next stop is Bath and Body Works.



The Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin wallflower quickly adds a warm ambiance. It may be time to restock my cupboard since this fragrance is seasonal and only available for a short while.

Image photograph via bloomiq

Flowers and fresh fruit add color and texture to a space. While fresh flowers may seem like a luxury, they also quickly enliven a room.

Finally, choose something to listen to like English fingerstyle guitar artist, Mikes Dawes.

Enjoy your weekend!